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Losing Amber-Lee



William Snow is a man obsessed with the murder of his sister Sabrina, with his secret knowledge of her death, and with his almost insane desire to bring his sister back from the dead.

When, under the most unlikely of circumstances, Snow meets Amber-Lee, a six-year-old girl who bears an uncanny resemblance to his sister, destiny offers him the one-in-a-billion chance he's been waiting for all his life: to prevent the murder of an innocent child. Is this child real, or is she merely the ghost of the sister he had left to die?

When Amber-Lee suddenly disappears, it seems that destiny has more than redemption in store for this tortured man. Follow William Snow in his desperate race against time as he tries to find the haunting girl, and as he strives to prevent her almost certain death. Will he be too late? If he does find her, will he be able to do now what he could not do then? Will he find redemption when he solves the mystery of the missing girl, or will he ultimately lose himself when he discovers he has always been Losing Amber-Lee.